Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mother, oh my mother dear

This is a poem that my brother-in-law Ranjit wrote for the memorial service of his mother Hephzibah Devadason who passed away on 27th December, 1996.

Mother, oh my mother dear

  1. Mother, oh my mother dear
    You were always very near
    As I spent this whole year
    Without worry or any fear

  2. As the days draw near
    I’m really beginning to fear
    Without you, mother dear
    How’d be the coming year?

  3. Mother, you spent your whole life
    As my father’s loving wife
    Your love to children freely flowing
    And to grandchildren overflowing

  4. Sharing with others was your nature
    Caring was in your blood, I’m sure
    You were of a different kind
    Loving, honest and being kind

  5. Be it Charles or Motilal
    You were like a mother to all
    This Church was your worship place
    And here only you ended your race

  6. Thirty eight years in DTEA School
    You didn’t lose your patience or cool
    The whole lot of the teaching crowd
    For you mother, is feeling proud

  7. Your neighbours talk so high of you
    For me, it is nothing new
    You were like an Onida TV
    Owner’s pride & neighbours envy

  8. You spent Christmas in good cheer
    With family in my house this year
    But in the same night, mother dear
    You made us all stand in tear

  9. You were put in ICU
    But I hardly could see you
    The doctors couldn’t locate your vein
    The prayers & medicines went in vain

  10. I gave you water and my blood
    Why did the doctors pronounce you dead
    I fail to understand this mystery
    Which ended your precious history

  11. Yours was a life so beautiful
    Yours was a life so meaningful
    Yours was a life so purposeful
    Yours was a life complete & full
D.S. Ranjit Kumar
December 31, 1996

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