Saturday, August 28, 2010

O! Ranjit, My Son

This poem was written by Ranjit's Mother's Sister Mrs. Anbu Samraj for Ranjit's Memorial Service on 21st August, 2010. In this poem she thinks through Ranjit's mind to write a poem like Ranjit would have written. She was with Ranjit when he wrote the poem "Mother, oh my mother dear".

O! Ranjit, My Son

“Twenty First” May, Nineteen Fifty
A flower blossomed in “Dawson’s tree”

I don’t know about your school days
You’re a loving child everyone says

You never hurt anybody’s feelings
So gracious you’re in your dealings

Your love to church freely flowing
And to “I.M.S.” over - flowing

I fail to understand God’s mystery
Which ended up your precious history

The church was your worship place
And here only you ended your race

18th August, Two Thousand Ten
You left us all, to be in “Heaven”

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