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Watch! Is 2013 significant in God’s Biblical Calendar?

My introduction to blood moons

I first heard about the coming four blood moons from Pastor John Hagee’s sermons telecast in GOD TV some times in the last quarter of 2012. Since then I have searched Google many times on this topic and continue to be fascinated and intrigued by this subject.

What is a blood moon

A blood moon is a total Lunar Eclipse. It is called a blood moon because at the time of total lunar eclipse the moon appears red. Check this NASA image for a sample. NASA also has a web site where it maintains details of all Solar and Lunar eclipses for a 5000 year period starting from 2000 BC to 3000 AD.

Pastor Mark Biltz's Discovery

Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries using the NASA site discovered an interesting pattern in the total lunar eclipses. He observed that during certain time periods there were four successive blood moons and all of them fell on the first day of festivals in the Jewish lunar calendar. He observed that this has happened only a few times since the birth of Jesus Christ and around all these periods something very significant seem to have happend to Jewish population.

Significant blood moon tetrad events

The years and its significance obtained from
Coliseum Martyrs and World Plague
Charlemagne halts Islamic invasion of Europe
After this Vatican was sacked by Arab forces
After this Greeks stop Muslim invasion
Jews evicted from Spain in 1492 on the same day of the Jewish calendar (9th of Av) when both the first and second temples were destroyed
State of Israel born in the year 1948
Six day war where Israel captures Jerusalem

Coming blood moon tetrad

... The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, (Rev 6:12)

One of this series of four lunar blood moons tetrad is around the corner in the very near future. I keep wondering like 1492 and 1948 could 2013 hold something significant to Jewish population. Iranian President Ahmadinejad is seeking nuclear weapons to wipe Israel from the map of the world. (See:  Would the God of Israel, who neither slumbers nor sleeps allow that (Psalm 121:4)? Could there be something else that is significant to the Jewish population? If so what?

Who arranged this tetrad?

Remember, only God can arrange or alter celestial events like four successive total lunar eclipses to fall exactly on the first day of Jewish festivals, a process that had possibly been set in motion from the days of Genesis 1.

9th of Av.

According to Jewish Calendar 9th of Av is the date on which both the first and the second Jewish temples were destroyed. Check for other significant events that occurred on 9th of Av. The 9th of Av for the next three years occur on:
  • 2013: July 15-16
  • 2014: August 4-5
  • 2015: July 25-26
Could these days hold any events of future significance?

Pastor Hagee Sermon in YouTube

The 'The Coming Four Blood Moons' Sermon series of Pastor John Hagee is now available in YouTube. The total time of the three sermons is little more than two hours.


Moving Jewish Calendar

I had earlier assumed that the Jewish festivals fell on a Biblical lunar calendar. Today (23rd January 2013) I have seen from how the Jewish calendar has varying  number of days in an year and is not strictly Biblical (Last sentence in 5th paragraph of the article). With that I am now not sure any more if the dates of the significant blood moon tetrad events are any more significant because of the varying Jewish Calendar.

Day of the Lord

I keep on wondering how close are we to the day of the Lord mentioned in the Bible.

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Update on 3rd February, 2014

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F J Pandiaraj said...

9th of Av has passed this year without any significant event.

Juan Perez said...

I believe that starting next year God will begin to move on the behalf of his followers and his people. The transfer of wealth and the latter rain will begin signs wonders and miracles. I also think "more bad things" will happen because of prophesy. The coming of Christ to me feels like it will happen before sometime between now and 2020 there is still some stuff that has not happened yet... Agreed as you have said it is close. God Bless You on your blog sir.