Thursday, February 6, 2014

Diabetes is reversible

In general I have been reasonably healthy. I hardly had the need to visit a doctor. The last time I had to visit a doctor was to get the doctor's signature in my driving licence renewal form in 2011.

Some times towards the last week of January, I felt uncomfortable at work. So, I went to a hospital to see an emergency doctor. The CT Scan and ECG were okay. When they took my blood sugar level, I came to know that I had elevated blood sugar level. Since this is the first time I had elevated blood sugar level, the doctor has advised me to bring it under control by diet and exercise.

In the past I had not shown any interest in studying medical facts. My August 2010 blog "He sent His WORD and healed them" show where my faith in healing is. Before I wrote that blog, I had started to study about divine healing from the Internet, because of my wife's brother, Ranjit's health. Ranjit had a stroke, and was partially paralysed and lost his speech. I was learning on how to pray for Ranjit's healing according to biblical principles, while he went about with his regular medical treatments. The blog "Mother, oh my mother dear" is a poem that Ranjit wrote when his mother passed away.

Some times in August 2010, Ranjit went to a hospital in Delhi, for regular medical checkup. Because of the stroke, Ranjit had mobility problem, and the hospital advised him to get admitted so that they could do all the tests without too much inconvenience to him. After about two or three weeks in the hospital he passed away. The type of things I saw at the hospital, when he was admitted there, created a negative impression of the medical community in me and some of that are reflected in my Facebook posts from time to time. The blog "O! Ranjit My Son" is a poem his aunt wrote in memory of Ranjit.

After my elevated blood sugar level diagnosis, I have started scanning the Internet to understand about blood sugar level control. My search has led me to Dr Hyman, who teaches "Food is medicine", and shows that Diabetes can be reversed by right food, in his web site Blood Sugar Solution and his books. So, for the moment I am trying to understand his teaching and working on changing my food habits to bring my blood sugar level under control.

I have nothing conclusive to write here about the effectiveness of Dr Hyman's methods, but I am posting this blog hoping that this information may be useful to some one else also.

Dr Mark Hyman Videos.

From the YouTube Videos, I have found that there is a large Church, led by Rick Warren (Author of Purpose Driven Church, Purpose Driven Life etc.) that has an organized program called the Daniel Plan. based on Dr Hyman's materials.

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