Saturday, February 1, 2014

'F J Pandiaraj blogs' Facebook page

So far, I have not been a regular blogger. Occasionally, I have blogged in the past. There was only one post in 2013 and before that four in 2010.

I noticed that in January 2014 alone, I had posted 6 times. Most of these blogs had to do with comparing some real life happening with a view point from the Bible. So looks like the desire to compare what is happening in life, with what the Bible says, seems to be growing in me. Don't know how long this interest will sustain.

In my Facebook page, almost all the friends I have are personally known to me, and have met them some time in real life. There are a few others, who are my Facebook friends, because I wanted to follow some thing they had to say. Only my Facebook friends can post in the time line of my Facebook account.

I have created the 'F J Pandiaraj blogs' Facebook page, so that I can have friends who may not be personally known to me, yet will be able to post in this page. That helps me to keep my Facebook page separate from blog related posts.

Any Facebook user should be able to visit this page and from there follow the blogs and post their comments in Facebook.

If you have Facebook friends who might be interested in my blogs, please go to this page and invite them to like this page.

Please feel free to express your opinions about the blogs here.

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